Child Growth Chart

Please read the following before you begin drawing your child's growth Chart:

Growth charts are a set of graphs that took a lot of years to be set and to show the area in which weight, height , head circumference and BMI are considered within or outside normal range.

These charts represent the NORMAL and ABNORMAL areas of growth. We can say that by studying your child's growth chart, we compare his growth with the growth of other normal children

NORMAL areas on a growth chart for a specific child are around the green curve between the orange curves

ABNORMAL areas on a growth chart for a specific child are those exceeding the upper or lower orange curves as explained below

This program enables you to draw a child's growth chart easily and accurately in minutes
The program draws : length chart, weight, head circumference and body mass index BMI for age
To obtain a body mass index, height and weight values ​​should be entered for the same age
With this program, you can follow your child's growth, return to your account, and see your child's plan whenever you want, from the date of the baby's birth to the age of 19
You should be sure of your child's measurements accurately, and remember that inaccurate measurements may lead to a misinterpretation of your child's condition

Male charts are in blue and female charts are in pink

Your child's measurements will appear in small gray circles or blots and your child's growth chart will be a gray line

The child's measurements are normal if they are in the area around the green curve and always between the orange curves

And they are in increase if they are between the upper orange and red curves. and if this is the case , it is recommended to consult your pediatrician.

The child's measurements are abnormal if the child chart is going up and exceeds  the upper red curve , Here you should consult your doctor...

The child's measurements are abnormal if the child chart is going down and is are between the lower orange and red curves, and here it is recommended to consult your pediatrician

The child's measurements are abnormal if the child chart is going down and exceeds the lower red curve to the bottom, and here you should consult your doctor

Remember that drawing a single blot or measurement on a child's growth chart is not enough to assess the child's condition and growth.

However, several measurements should be made to chart the child to accurately assess the child's development

These charts are World Health Organization charts.

We do doe not provide your child's information to any third party in accordance with our privacy policy.

How does the program work?

You need to open an account at the first visit and register the user name witch is your e-mail and make sure to type it accurately and choose your own password , and it is a free account
We recommend that you use a familiar password that you do not forget
Then enter the child's name and measurements
You can access the site with one user name for all of your children so that you can add one or more child under the same username
If you enter more than one child, click on the child's name to see his or her charts

This program is designed for future follow-up, which will introduce new measurements to assess your child's growth if desired
To see the length chart, for example, click on the link: see lenght chart ... and so on ..
To add a new child, click on the main menu link
To change the password and user name, click the Edit Basic Information link
You can draw your child's charts from birth. If you have old measurements, the program allows you to enter old measurements no matter how old the child is now
You can enter several measurements to draw a child's chart if you are sure of those measurements
You can enter a new measurement whenever you want, but we recommend that you follow the growth of the child and record a new measurement every month or more as recommended by your doctor
If your child moves from one age group to another, you do not need to register again, but just enter the new measurements
If you find a mistake, you can delete the wrong measurement by clicking the Delete Previous Measurements link and then add the correct measurement

The program helps you analyze and interpret the results through the red rectangle below the chart (and the final decision is made by your child pediatrician who follows and supervises your child!)
If your child's measurements are abnormal! You should print the chart and see your pediatrician!

We wish healthy growing to your children..

click here to draw your child growth chart...